What to Buy for a Gender Reveal Party

what to buy for a gender reveal party

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Now, it’s time to start planning the ultimate gender reveal party. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to purchase before the big day.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Start by setting the tone for your gender reveal party with the perfect party supplies. From invitations and tableware to banners and party favors, a cohesive theme can make your celebration unforgettable. Don’t forget to add items like gender reveal balloons and confetti to your list!

Gender Reveal Decorations

Transform your party space into a festive atmosphere with gender reveal decorations. Add a touch of excitement using balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and creative signage that keep the gender a secret until the big reveal.

Gender Reveal Games and Ideas

Keep your guests entertained with gender reveal games and unique ideas. Plan interactive activities such as “Guess the Gender” games or DIY confetti poppers that add an element of surprise to your celebration.

Gender Reveal Gifts

Surprise the parents-to-be with thoughtful gender reveal gifts. Explore gift ideas that show your love and support for the happy couple, such as personalized onesies, gender-specific baby items, or gender-neutral gifts that celebrate the impending arrival.

Gender Reveal Outfit and Cake

Complete your gender reveal party with the perfect outfit for the expectant parents and a delicious gender reveal cake! Select a cake design and flavor that reveals the baby’s gender when cut. Coordinate attire with “Team Pink” and “Team Blue” for the perfect Instagram-worthy moment.

Now that you know what to buy for a gender reveal party, start making your list and prepare for a magical celebration that you and your guests will never forget!

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Throwing a gender reveal party is an exciting way to share the news of your baby’s gender with friends and family. To make this special occasion even more memorable, you’ll need the right gender reveal party supplies to pull off the perfect event.

From invitations that set the tone to decorations that create the perfect ambiance, having the right gender reveal party supplies ensures that your guests will have a wonderful time.

Invitations and Tableware

Start the party planning process with the perfect gender reveal party invitations. Choose from a variety of designs that match your party theme, such as “He or She” or “What Will It Bee?” invitations. Don’t forget to pick up tableware that matches your theme, such as gender reveal plates, cups, and napkins.

Banners and Party Favors

Make your party even more festive with gender reveal banners that celebrate the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy. You can also provide your guests with gender reveal party favors, such as personalized cookies or mini confetti poppers, to take home as a keepsake.

Balloons and Backdrops

No party is complete without balloons and backdrops. You can choose from a variety of gender reveal balloons that reveal the gender when popped, or opt for helium balloons in coordinating colors for a chic look. Backdrops can also be used to create the perfect photo-op for your guests.

With these gender reveal party supplies, you’ll be ready to create a fun and memorable event that your guests will never forget.

gender reveal party supplies

Gender Reveal Decorations

Transform your party space into a magical wonderland with stunning gender reveal decorations. The right decorations can set the tone and keep everyone guessing until the big reveal. One of the easiest ways to get started is with balloons. You can choose from helium-filled or air-filled balloons in pink and blue colors and hang them around the room, or get creative with balloon arches and garlands to create a beautiful backdrop for your gender reveal.

If you want to take things up a notch, consider adding streamers and confetti to the mix. Streamers are a great way to add pops of color to the ceiling, walls, and windows, while confetti-filled balloons or poppers can create an exciting surprise when the gender is revealed.

Other popular gender reveal decorations include centerpieces and backdrops. Opt for a centerpiece on each table that adds to the festive atmosphere and keeps the theme consistent. You can also create a backdrop or photo booth area to take memorable pictures with your family and friends to cherish forever. Choose from custom-made banners, gender reveal signs and props, or DIY photo booth props and let your creativity shine.

Remember, the key to the perfect gender reveal party is in the details. Whether it’s a personalized cake topper or matching tableware, make sure every element of your party aligns with your overall theme. With these gender reveal decoration ideas, you’ll have everything you need to create an unforgettable celebration.

Gender Reveal Games and Ideas

Planning a gender reveal party is all about keeping your guests guessing. Make sure to include some gender reveal games and activities to keep everyone entertained

DIY Confetti Poppers

Make your own confetti poppers with colored tissue paper and balloons. Fill the balloons with confetti, and attach them to cardboard rolls. Guests can pull the strings to reveal the baby’s gender in a shower of confetti.

gender reveal games

Guess the Gender

Set up a guessing game where guests can submit their predictions for the baby’s gender. Provide a chalkboard or poster board where they can write their names under “Team Pink” or “Team Blue.” The person with the most accurate prediction wins a prize.

Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead guests to the final reveal. Hide gender-specific items, like blue or pink baby clothing or toys, around the party space. The final clue should lead to the reveal location, where the parents-to-be will announce the baby’s gender.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

If you want to try something different, consider a gender reveal piñata, where guests can hit a piñata filled with colored candy. Or, for a dramatic reveal, fill a black balloon with pink or blue powder, and pop it to release the colored dust.

Whatever games or activities you choose, make sure to keep the baby’s gender a mystery until the big reveal. Have fun, and enjoy this special moment with your loved ones!

Gender Reveal Gifts

Gender reveal parties are a great opportunity to show your support and excitement for the parents-to-be. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the expecting mother, father, or both, there are plenty of thoughtful options to choose from.

Personalized Onesies

A personalized onesie is a perfect gender reveal gift that the parents can cherish forever. You can customize it with the baby’s name, expected due date, or a cute phrase like “Little Brother” or “Little Sister.”

Gender-Specific Baby Items

If you already know the baby’s gender, consider gifting gender-specific baby items such as blankets, bibs, and booties. This thoughtful gift will help the parents-to-be prepare for their new arrival.

Gender-Neutral Gifts

Not sure about the baby’s gender yet? No problem! Gender-neutral gifts are also a great option. Consider books, toys, or a gender-neutral baby blanket. These gifts will show your excitement for the baby’s arrival regardless of gender.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get the parents-to-be, a gift card to their favorite baby store or a restaurant for a date night is always a safe bet. This practical gift will be appreciated and put to good use during the hectic time of preparing for a new baby.

Gender Reveal Outfit and Cake

One of the most exciting parts of a gender reveal party is finding out the baby’s gender. To make the occasion even more memorable, consider coordinating gender reveal outfits for the expectant parents.

Gender Reveal Outfit Ideas

Whether you want to go all out with a themed outfit or keep it simple with matching colors, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect gender reveal look. For a fun twist, consider “Team Pink” and “Team Blue” attire. Or, opt for a neutral outfit in shades of white or gray.

Gender Reveal Cake

A gender reveal cake is an exciting and delicious way to announce the baby’s gender. The outside of the cake can be decorated in a gender-neutral design, while the inside can be filled with pink or blue layers to reveal the gender when cut. And don’t forget to capture the moment on camera!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, a gender reveal party is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ll cherish forever. Make sure to have fun and enjoy the moment!


What are some essential items I need for a gender reveal party?

To create an unforgettable gender reveal party, you’ll need decorations, games, gifts, an outfit, and a cake.

What gender reveal party supplies should I buy?

Look for invitations, tableware, banners, and party favors to help set the theme and create a cohesive celebration.

How can I transform my party space with gender reveal decorations?

Use balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and signage to create a festive atmosphere and keep the gender a secret until the big reveal.

What are some fun gender reveal games and ideas?

Keep your guests entertained with activities like “Guess the Gender” games, DIY confetti poppers, and creative ways to announce the baby’s gender.

What are some thoughtful gender reveal gift ideas?

Show your love and support with personalized onesies, gender-specific baby items, or gender-neutral gifts to celebrate the impending arrival.

Any tips for choosing a gender reveal outfit and cake?

Coordinate the expectant parents’ attire with colors like “Team Pink” and “Team Blue.” For the cake, explore designs and flavors that reveal the baby’s gender when cut.